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Vintage Camper Enthusiast 

About Me

I started my marketing career 15 years ago — back in 2007 — when I joined an educational nonprofit. Within a year I doubled their enrollment.


I then went on to help win a statewide political race by honing messaging in real time and selling voters one-on-one.


After that, I turned to the agency world, where I’ve used data-driven insights to navigate complex issues and grow scores of companies in many different verticals.


I've worked in nearly every sector of marketing for clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 50 companies.

In 2019, I left my cushy agency job to travel around the world while building an online furniture startup.


I joined an accelerator program, interviewed dozens of customers, raised money from investors, and pivoted twice — all while exploring Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Mexico, Spain, France, and Portugal.

What I'm Working On Now

Other Stuff I'm Interested In...

  • Old campers. I've spent the last year rebuilding a 1985 Toyota Huntsman. Her name is (Backroad) Betty. 

  • Mountain biking and hiking.

  • Woodworking. I recently made a bed frame that didn't collapse when I lied on it. 

  • Architecture and interior design. 

  • Food and wine. I spent nearly a decade bartending at some of the best restaurants in Washington, D.C. 

  • Tater tot hot dish. It's a Minnesota thing.

Contact Me

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